We Know What Matters
Cigal Concepts is a different kind of consulting firm. We focus on getting the revenue you deserve. We take a look at the challenges facing hospitals, medical groups and physician practices alike and we dig deep into the solutions that matter. Solutions that bring financial results. We believe every practice has opportunity for improvement. And we’ve found it. Time and time again.

We Specialize
While our expertise transcends various practice types, Cigal specializes in Emergency, Urgent and Primary Care Medicine. With decades of experience in improving the performance of ERs across the nation, our team knows the ins and outs of what it takes to optimize reimbursements in the unique environment of Emergency.

We’re Like a GPS for Healthcare
Cigal helps our clients navigate upcoming government changes, mandates and regulations. We handle the details of incentives programs and how to maximize those dollars. We make it our business to know credentialing requirements and how to maneuver through managed care. We’re kind of like a GPS for healthcare—one of the windiest roadways around.

We’re Better
We believe we can find 5%, 10% and even 20% or more in financial improvements in any practice, regardless of your current operating efficiency. The key is that we know where to look and how to turn around stable or declining reimbursements.

We think we’re better than the rest. Partly because our clients tell us so. But mostly because we’ve seen the results ourselves. In clients that are making $500,000+ more this year than they did last year. Or the group who increased their performance by 15% within a few short months. We bridge the gap between where you are to where you could be financially. And we have our hands in every area that impacts the bottom line.

We Bring Leadership
In or out of the boardroom, Cigal delivers what you want in a business partner—a leader who goes beyond any perceived boundaries to meet, and then far surpass, your goals. Someone who’s not afraid to take on your challenges with you.

Cigal improves results for all its clients. It’s that simple. Our clients know they want to perform at higher levels, and we take them there. They benefit financially from our high standards, and our leadership.

Cigal’s senior team members have decades of experience on the business side of healthcare, improving revenue for both physicians and facilities. We bridge gaps, participate in capturing previously missed opportunities, and get involved at the boardroom to help you make the right decisions.

Tracy Bostrom, president of Cigal Concepts, has dedicated her 25-year career to providing solutions to the financial challenges of healthcare organizations and provider practices. Tracy has achieved top financial and operational performance for dozens of clients, and consistently raises expectations for future financial outcomes. Practices across the nation continue to enjoy the changes she brought to their bottom lines, year after year after year.