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“By utilizing their services, I was able to extricate myself from corporate practice very smoothly and form my own, very successful practice.”
Hugh R. Savage, MD
Internal Medicine and Cardiologist

“I’ve banked several healthcare clients where Cigal Concepts has been involved and having them provide support on the business side has been a tremendous asset.”
Aren Rieck, First Vice President

“In less than 12 months Cigal increased our profitability by more than 15%. They fixed what needed fixing.”
George Keng, MD

“We operate at 95% efficiency and when you know that no stone goes unturned you can rest assured that you’re not leaving critical funds on the table.”
Neal Edelson, MD, FACEP

“The team at Cigal has given me confidence in maneuvering through business decisions over the years. When you’re operating at max efficiency you can focus on meaningful improvements that really make a difference.“
John Timmons, MD, FACEP

“I speak for my entire group and can say the return on investment has far exceeded our expectations. If you’re looking to maximize reimbursements, look no further–Tracy and Cigal are the real deal.”
Tim Westlake, MD, FFSMB