How We Help
Performance indicators are high for Cigal clients. We monitor daily, weekly and monthly metrics and compare progress to expectations, benchmarks and historical trends. Having our finger on the pulse allows early detection, we avoid financial pitfalls and delayed revenue. You may not even realize there’s so much room for improvement. But we’ll show you. There is no complacency. No stone left unturned.

We also speak your language. We translate dashboard reports into actionable recommendations. And we make sure you see the revenue associated with each focus area of change. We’ll help you prioritize efforts to reap the most financial benefit first.

Cigal Concepts lives and breathes Emergency, Urgent and Primary Care medicine and offers you the following services designed for top performance and financial improvement. Our approach is unique, and our performance unmatched. Just ask our clients!

Key Metrics & Revenue Cycle Management
Meaningful trend analysis designed to monitor and identify opportunities and a keen understanding of all performance indicators. Our ongoing assessments answer key questions about where we are, where we were, where we’re going, and how we’re going to get there. We tailor reports to the needs of your practice and deliver an executive summary to inform strategic decisions. Without fail, our projections fall within 5% of actuals when looking at a 6-12-month average. These are numbers you can count on.

Practice Formation & Expansion Consulting
With decades of experience in organizing successful medical practices, Cigal provides strategic consultation and group formation for expansion plans that meet short and long term goals. We assist you with critical negotiations, perform due diligence, and most importantly, we identify new opportunities that leapfrog over the status quo.

Payor Contract Negotiation & Credentialing
Cigal negotiates payor contracts that are favorable to our clients with terms that make sense. We handle credentialing and ensure that it’s processed and approved in a timely manner. And by timely, we mean lickedy-split because time is money and days are dollars. Use our experience here and don’t try to take this burden on alone! Let us handle the nitty gritty details and deadlines that come with ensuring managed care is managed well.

Business Office Operations
If you like headaches, then stop reading here. But if your head spins with all that makes a private practice cumbersome and complicated, and you know there’s a better way, then you’ll be happy to hear these three magic words—No More Hassles. Let Cigal Concepts operate your business office functions. We will not only keep your costs down, but we’ll save your sanity. We can perform as many or as few tasks as you need. We provide the management accounting reports, assist in financial decision-making, and you sign all the checks. An entire business office for a fraction of the cost!

Practice Management Services
The fact is that medical practices are responsible for positive business outcomes as well as positive patient outcomes. With Cigal, you have peace of mind that you’re optimizing revenue and operating at the highest efficiency rate possible. If the words ‘higher performance’ tickle your fancy then let us show you what we can do. We turn projections into real revenue by analyzing and acting on each area of performance. Like a great symphony, Practice Management works in concert with Key Metrics & Revenue Cycle Management and Payor Contract Negotiation & Credentialing.